Start a Conversation

Start a Conversation
This could be the beginning of our conversation about each child and which programs will allow them to thrive.

Choose the time(s) that work best for you to visit.

Weekly Kindermusik programs are scheduled September through May (with holiday breaks, of course). For specific dates, see the Kindermusik Calendar on the website (drop down under Community Nest) Families can visit and start at any time. There are 4 age groups listed below, with the times they are offered. Most Fall programs start Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1, with the following schedule. If you have a question about which program is best, add that in the comments, and we can work together to determine that answer.
Specifically designed for BABIES - includes infants up to active walking stage
Specifically designed for BABIES - includes infants up to 23 months
Specifically designed for children 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old to enjoy with their favorite adult partner.
Students 3-5 years old participate independently with their peers for 30 minutes. Parents & siblings join for last 15 minutes. ALL are open for a visit.
These unique programs work a little differently. With this request, I can send you more information, and you will be invited to an Orientation.
Although not available as a free visit, it is totally worth the $20 for the event as well as music and props to take home.