Kindermusik VillageHickory, Dickory Tickle, and Bounce                     Week 1 Welcome to this new semester of the Village program.  I am pleased that so many of you are continuing on;  it is fun to watch the growth of returning students from previous semesters; and I love to meet new families, and watch the new personalities of all ages and how they respond to the fun activities in the Kindermusik classroom.

Hickory, dickory dock, steady beat is needed to walk! And this steady beat, the underlying pulse in music, is the focus of these first two weeks. An extremely important component for your baby’s emerging skills, steady beat will continue to play a vital part in her development throughout the coming years.

Most people, your baby included, have a strong internal sense of pulse. It all begins in the womb, when you first heard your mother’s heartbeat. As you listen to your beautiful At Home CD this week, hold your baby close to your heart, simply listen to the music, and move as you do so. It will be your best practice session ever!

Please make sure to listen to your full CD this week, and let me know if there are any problems.  I don’t expect any, but I want to make sure you can listen.  The more familiar you and your child are with the music, the better they will participate, and the more likely you are to try these activities at home.  That is where the majority of their learning will come from – as they participate with you – their primary teacher – wherever you are.