Enrollment FAQs

What does my Kindermusik enrollment include?
  • Weekly 45 minute classes (or 60 minutes if Young Child program
  • A new high quality album of recordings on CD and book with each unit,
  • The home kit from Kindermusik often includes an instrument, scarf, or other materials for daily music making
  • Unlimited Makeups as long as you are enrolled
  • Parent Education (in class and online)
  • An experienced educator committed to making each class worth every moment,
  •  … and to effectively communicate, connect and inspire during your time with our Lakeland Kindermusik community.
  • Access to Kindermusik Playdates as extra events at a discount. TWO Playdate Passes.


The summer session includes 6 lessons and one full set of home materials (varies by class type).  The total cost can be divided into two easy monthly installments of $50.

The school year session for all programs designed for the younger children (infancy through preschool) includes 34 lessons and a full set of home materials for each unit.  The total cost for all tuition and materials is divided into 9 monthly installments of $65 for the first child.  Siblings get discounts on tuition, and materials if in same class.

Kindermusik for the Young Child includes 30 lessons and all of the learning materials they will need, including CD, song book, music activity sheets, teaching aids, and instruments we will use on our musical journey.  The total cost for all tuition and materials is divided into 8 monthly payments of $80.  (Tip:  This is a great price for music education at this age.  Have you seen the price of private lessons?)

Kindermusik Playdates are monthly events, with unique seasonal themes, which include 1 lesson, and at least 10 new recordings for your family to enjoy, as well as a little instrument or cool extra that highlights the theme and gives you and your child a musical tool and inspiration for how to use it.  $20 covers it all.   Playdates are not available as a free trial class.


Are the home materials (CD, book, etc.) required?

Yes.  To begin with, your music is critical for you and your family to become familiar with the rhythms, the melodies and the words.  These recordings will allow you and your child to hear and feel the beat and the changes in the music, which is important preparation for our class interactions.  The familiar becomes the foundation, so the brain can make those important connections, and so creativity can blossom.   You’ll know the melodies and the words so you can sing along, and even make up new words to fit your family routines to go along with your favorite melodies.  You and your child will enjoy rich arrangements of the music, unique instrument combinations,  along with diverse voices of all gender, ages, and sometimes even animals.  The music is SO important that we even include an album with each monthly Playdate (each of which is a one-time event).

The book, instruments, and other Kindermusik materials are integrated with the themes presented in each unit, and is designed specifically for families to use in the process of continuing these developmental activities throughout the week…   It simply helps you get the most out of your investment of time and money.

For siblings in the same class, we have a SIBLING KIT, which includes the same instrument, Home Activity Book, (and sometimes a playset) that comes with the primary kit so each child has the opportunity to create and play at the same time as their sibling when outside of the classroom.

Sometimes families already have the full kit from a previous enrollment with a different child, in which case, they can purchase the sibling kit ($25), or they may like access to some digital home materials ($15) that complement the themes of the session.  Requests for any alternative to the full kit must be made by email to Ms. Debbie at least two week prior to the beginning of a unit, so the appropriate materials can be ordered.

Can I pay per class I choose to attend, or choose specific months?

The joy of music can be experienced as an individual event, so we offer our Kindermusik Playdates once a month for those wanting to pick and choose uniquely themed opportunities for making music together with your family.

Our weekly Core Kindermusik programs are based on the PROCESS of music, which unfolds throughout active involvement, in class and at home, over time.  Children learn best when they are familiar and comfortable with their learning space, and consistent learning partners (developing class friends), as well as with the familiarity of music and books which are introduced and repeated according to a specific plan for the best results.  That just doesn’t happen when people show up randomly.  It can also be a disruption for those who attend consistently.   So per-month, and per-class are not an option for our weekly core programs.

I know life does not always fit into perfect little boxes that match up with others, sooo…..  Always feel free to talk to me and let me know your situation, and we’ll see what we can work out together to match with our mutual goals of what is best for your family, and the families already enrolled.

Can I join now, or do I need to wait until the beginning of the session or month?

Anytime is a good time to join Kindermusik.   A session has several units, and it is easiest to join at the beginning of a new unit, getting a full set of home materials.  Of course, Ms. Debbie will work out all the details with you ANY time you are ready to get in on this joyful musical adventure.

Can I change my scheduled class day and/or time?

Yes.  If a child’s nap schedule changes, or the family schedule changes, contact us to see what other class times have space available.  As long as there is space available, we can easily transfer a child to the same program at a different time.

Can I change to a different age program during a session?

Yes,  As your child grows throughout the year, they may have a birthday, or reach a milestone age, which gets you wondering… should I move my child up to the next age appropriate program.  If you wonder… please wonder out loud with me.  We will talk about your unique child and their actual abilities and developmental level, as well as your specific goals you have for your child.  We’ll schedule a time for you to visit a class that might be an option.  And through our discussion, you will have what you need to make the best decision.

Each session includes a variety of uniquely themed units that include a set of home materials that is included in your monthly installments for the duration of that unit.  So changing to the next age group is easiest to do when the units change, and it is EASY for us to transfer a student to the next level as long as there is space in one of the class times.   Families can also pre-enroll for the next unit for the higher level class  The wonderful thing is the price does not change when transferring to any program for those under 5 years old.

The Kindermusik for the Young Child program is the exception to this.  This special program for 5 – 7 year old young musicians is a 2 year commitment to sequenced units covering the basics of music theory, music history, and cultural music from around the world.

What if I have to miss a class due to illness, appointments, or travel?

We have an OPEN and FLEXIBLE make up policy, and an easy way for you to schedule your alternative classes online either BEFORE, or AFTER the day you miss.   Our online make-up scheduler makes the process of scheduling make up classes simple for everyone and alerts the teacher to expect you in class.  Once enrolled, instructions and links are provided to help you learn this process.

What if I need to discontinue my enrollment?

Your family’s enrollment in a Session is not a contract, but it is a sincere commitment for the benefit of your family, and to help us make good business decisions based on our expectations of enrollments.

We understand that life sometimes takes unexpected twists.  If there is a reason you are considering canceling your enrollment, please talk with Ms Debbie to see if there are alternatives we can work out together.  If you truly need to stop attending classes and stop your enrollment process, it is necessary to request in writing at least 2 weeks in advance for an altered ending date for your enrollment..   so families on the waiting list can be notified of upcoming opportunities to join.

Enrollment with monthly installments means the total cost of tuition and materials is being spread over time.   If you cancel your enrollment, the tuition charges will be adjusted to reflect the lessons the families actual enrollment (at the end of that two weeks).  If there is a balance remaining, the final payment will be adjusted accordingly.

Be aware, if you must cancel your enrollment for a short amount of time, and want to return,  I cannot save your place in a specific class time unless enrollment is continued.  It will be open for others to enroll.   I will do my best to place you back in that class if space is available, or find a class that does.

Always feel free to talk to me and let me know your situation, and we’ll see what we can work out together.

Why doesn't Kindermusik cost less?

Consider this:  

  1. You and your child will be immersed in a total quality program.  Kindermusik International is a world leader in Early Childhood Music and Movement programs.  There are thousands of trained and licensed educators in over 70 countries, who continually participate in ongoing training.   Being a part of   “KINDERMUSIK” ensures that you get an exceptional product and an exceptional experience.  The materials produced by Kindermusik International are of the highest quality.  With your Home Materials, your classroom experience can continue at home every day of the week!  If you move, you can get connected with a different Kindermusik program to continue.
  2.   You and your child are getting the benefits of a dual edged education focused on the whole child… from infancy on.  Kindermusik regularly consults with experts in the field of early Childhood development,  as well as those in Early Music Education as they develop their curricula.  These experts, along with an amazing team at Kindermusik International, bring their knowledge and experience into your lives.  No other curriculum can boast of such backing.
  3.    You will recognize and draw from the level of education and experience of the educator.  Debbie Mondale has a BS in Music Therapy and Psychology, and has been dedicated to sharing the magic process of music with families through Kindermusik since 1998.   Your child will KNOW they are noticed, appreciated, respected, and LOVED by Ms. Debbie.  This gives them the opportunity to bond with and learn from another adult, building these important social skills in their life.
  4.    If you compare apples to apples, Kindermusik is often less expensive than other programs.  The total cost of the tuition and home materials is included and divided into easy monthly payments.  There are no hidden fees, such as costume fees, recital fees, testing fees, instrument rentals, or additional purchases required.  With Kindermusik “you get what you pay for” – and then some!

Kindermusik is truly MORE than just music.  Carla Hannaford, educator, biologist, and author of Smart Moves put it this way:

                “Kindermusik is elegant in its integrated approach to a child’s development…The importance of having families working together, where everyone benefits from the sense of belonging, gets directly at the heart of what we, as a society, are needing at this time to raise healthy, loving children…All of this is provided in the Kindermusik program.”