This Summer of 2018 brings you and your baby a fun and fascinating soundtrack for your busy days together.   “Here we go my little one, let’s go riding….”   Where are we going today, you ask?  Well… “we’re riding to the store.  Hey ho, here we go…”   Singing some fun songs to accompany your outings help you enjoy your time together and help build a good foundation for learning in your baby’s brain.  Your time together in Kindermusik classes provide an excellent opportunity to learn new ways to interact with your baby, and make some friends for both of you in the process.

Rhymes, finger plays and musical interactions simply enrich a baby’s life, and are especially helpful when waiting in line at the grocery store, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.   For me and mine, we had a lot of busy days that did not always fit my child’s self-determined schedule, so I needed a lot of “tricks up my sleeve”.  This unit of Kindermusik for babies has a LOT of great new songs and activities for you and your baby to fill in potential fussy times with fun instead.  PLUS, the group classes with the babies is simply MAGICAL !

Class times are offered for two different age groups:

  • Tues. @  9:30 am  –  Level 1 – Active Explorers
  • Tues. @ 12:30 pm. –  Foundations Cuddlers & Crawlers
  • Wed. @  9:30 am.  –  Level 1 – Active Explorers
  • Wed. @ 11:30 am.  –  Foundations Cuddlers & Crawlers
Active Explorers (around 12 – 24 months) are busy toddlers who are proficient in walking and fully intent on actively exploring their world.
Foundations Cuddlers & Crawlers are babies from infancy, when they are just being held (and may fall asleep in class) through the crawling stage, and they may even get to be tentative walkers still stabilizing as needed.
It is amazing how much each baby, in either age group, can absorb through musical interactions with their loving adults.  And it is amazing how exhausting each age group can be.  All these other moms will relate so much with your struggles and joys.   In class, there are many opportunities to learn new ways to interact with your baby, for stimulating learning, or soothing routine enhancements.
Kindermusik Summer Adventures unit: BUSY DAYS, celebrates the rich lives parents and children share.  Even the most mundane tasks or outings become extraordinary when we look through a child’s eyes and experience the world as fresh and new.  A trip to the grocery store, child in tow, can feel like drudgery from time to time, but imagine how the colors, shapes, smells and sounds might be a sensory feast to a little one.  And, if the parent is armed with songs, rhymes, and games to enjoy while cruising down the aisles, or wile away a long wait, the experience might become more than just a chore to be completed, it can be a journey brimming with fun and learning.  Whether it’s to the doctor’s office or the park, to splash in the water or bounce on Grandma’s knee, a parent’s repertoire of on-the-go, attention-getting songs and rhymes will grow.

A:  Riding Round the Town

B:  Getting Groceries

C:  Playing at the Park

D:  Dancing with the Doctor

E:  Wading in the Water

F:  Visiting Family & Friends

A special feature of Busy Days is the intentional focus on classical music.  The melodies of the hello and goodbye songs are borrowed from music masters, and inclusion of orchestral classics by Bach, Haydn, Handel, and Vivaldi for gathering and quiet play times expand parent’s and child’s familiarity with and enjoyment of classical music

Flexible Scheduling:   There are 8 weeks of classes scheduled so that each of these different themes are repeated, allowing families to fit a full summer of fun into your unique schedule.

  • Standard enrollment includes UNLIMITED classes in this program along with a full set of Physical Home Materials, ($65 a month)
  • See FULL details, weeks classes are scheduled, and enrollment options on our Summer Programs Page.
  • Lifetime access to the online music, story and 7 additional activities are also available.  Just ask.

Physical Home Materials:  Busy Days board book, Busy Days CD, circle shaped bell shaker, class handouts

Digital Home Materials:  Access to more music, the book is accessible online, and plenty of creative ideas for interactive baby games and explanations of the benefits they bring.

Enroll Today to secure your perfect summer adventure with your baby.

Follow these links to learn more about Kindermusik offered for students this age during the SCHOOL YEAR.

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

Even though our baby girl was extremely shy, she really wanted to go to Kindermusik!  And each week, the joy of would build insider her, giving her confidence to play the instruments and interact with others.   We made SUCH good friends through our time in classes together.
Emily Anderson

Mother of this sweet girl, in both pictures on this page.