Please join us for the SUMMER SEMESTER of Kindermusik !

Family TimeFamily Time Logo  is designed for families with children of all ages.  Whether there is one child or many in a family, all will find a unique way to play and bond while learning new songs, and developing new skills.  Parents and children alike enjoy the social aspects of this fun family class, as well as the fresh songs, activities, and ideas that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

Summer semester will be held once a week on Thursdays, May 31st through June 28th,  at Explorations V Children’s Musuem in Lakeland.  Class times:  10:0011:15 am., 12:30, 3:00, & 4:15 pm. 

Working or busy families can find this semester available as a Monthly program, with classes held one Sat. a month for 5 months.  This semester will start on June 16 at 11:00 am., and will run through October.  Specific Dates include:  June 16,  July 28,  August 18,  Sept. 15, and October 27.  It isn’t every 3rd Sat. due to schedule conflicts in July and October.

Rajguru FamilyThe Family Time program has been such a success, both during our last Summer Semester, and with our Winter Haven area.   Last summer, we had so many families, and so many ages (3 months to 10 years old), that I am all a-twitter about our summer explorations together this summer! Many of the same families will be returning, as well as many families from our Spring Semester.   Hurry to save your desired time, as some classes are filling quickly!

              Hill Family  Family Time Semester:  Here, There, Everywhere !

Themes:  A Visit with a friend,  An Outing at the Park, A Trip to the City, An Afternoon at the Aquarium, and A Day on the Farm.  As you can see, this will provide a great deal of new songs, and play ideas, to accompany many of your regular activities!

The Home Materials kit comes in a clear plastic zippered bag with handles and includes: 

Two CDs full of high quality music the whole family will enjoy (including all the songs we will use in class activities);  

Two children’s literature books;  “Jingle Jangle Jambourine”, and “Flip, Flap, Sugarsnap”

– A Home Activity book with all the words and melodies of the songs, as well as ideas for more fun at home and on the go,

– Two instruments, Kindermusik Jambourines (similar to Tambourines, but safe for babies),

Two puppets,  Wags, the dog, comes as both a hand puppet and a finger puppet, with a cute little backpack for the big Wags to carry the little Wags; 

– AND a cool board game featuring the characters from the Jelly Bean band (also in the children’s book); 

You will be impressed at how integrated all the elements of this kit are designed to enhance each other for a whole child learning environment.

Find class times and cost on my website .  I sure hope your family is able to join me for these treasured moments!