Animal Fun

Here are some of my favorite posts about ANIMALS .  Children LOVE animals, and can learn so much about them, and from them, and from trying to act like them.   (I am still gathering, but here’s a few to get you started.)

Scaffolding with Animal Pretend Play – introduces the excellent method of scaffolding as you enjoy exploring how animals sound and move.

Watch Me !  I Can Move Like an Animal – Includes a MUST WATCH video with music, song, drawings, and interaction between a dad and daughter.  SOOO funny !

Froggy Fun  –  This is Ms. Debbie’s list of favorite books, chants, songs, and stories about frogs, including the Tiddalick story that I told in class – as well as a link to see a great storyteller sharing their version (along with a game).

Frog and Bird Sounds – Discusses ACTIVE Listening and vocal play, and how it plays in with our child’s development, and has a link to a great site that has pictures of frogs, and you can listen to the unique sounds each of them makes.