Kindermusik is Fun

“I actually told my husband recently and have told some friends that if a random passerby was to glance into the classroom during a class, we would all look silly as *&^%! Dancing and singing and galloping and funny noises….but its SO much fun and the kids LOVE it! I explain to everyone that Kindermusik… Read more “Kindermusik is Fun”

Megan Lewman

I can’t say enough good things about Kindermusik.

She’s encouraging and is great with giving ideas for home activities. The music is wonderful and my son and I sing most of the songs either in the car, in the tub, before bed, or while we are just playing. I love that the classes bring us closer and that the classes allow grandma and… Read more “I can’t say enough good things about Kindermusik.”

Christine Thornhill

Ms Debbie is a wonderful teacher.

… I love the structure and organization of the class without being overly structured or strict. Ms Debbie is a wonderful teacher. She knows so much about the ins and outs of Kindermusik. She adapts the classes to your child, gives group and individual attention, allows for “independence” when someone (my child) likes to wander… Read more “Ms Debbie is a wonderful teacher.”