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What type of Thanksgiving reflections will your family enjoy?   When we get together, our family members enjoy telling such delightful stories of what we have been up to throughout the year, as well as stories from our past, and stories of those who we love who have passed… keeping these memories alive.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to help our children learn to reflect,… on gratitude, and on the value of our history.  We value the pilgrims and natives who took the first actions to meet together in peace to celebrate the bounty of the land upon which we live.  And we value those who have established rituals and traditions that help us reflect on our many blessings.  


The process of gathering together over a bountiful feast has spurred delightful songs that paint pictures of specific eras of our past, Jingle Bells (yes, it was originally written for Thanksgiving), Over the River and Through the Woods, and even the instrumental music that accompanies the Peanuts Thanksgiving, with Linus, as always, helping us get past the fluff, and get to the heart of the matter.  Let the heart of the matter be your guide for helping your children reflect this season, as it has been celebrated over the years.


I have gathered a list of links to some of my favorite past articles with Thanksgiving themes.  We often enjoy many of these ideas and activities in our Kindermusik classes, and during our annual “Over the River” Kindermusik Playdate.  Each month, a Playdate is offered featuring themes of the season.  Check the schedule of Kindermusik Playdates.


Enjoy singing, dancing, prancing, jingling, and laughing with your family with these ideas.


Sleigh Rides and Bell Horses  –  2010


This article includes my favorite two songs on the subject, along with fun interactive ideas to make it come alive with your children.


Over the What?  To Whose House?    – 2009      Includes:


A video of the classic “Over the River and Through the Woods” including the entire song text written, and creative ideas for movement activities and song writing.


A Peanuts Thanksgiving    – 2007


Enjoy one of the funniest Thanksgiving videos with the Peanuts gang.  Get in some good laughs together with your family




Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING !!!   I am thankful for ALL the families out there looking to create magical moments with their children.


What are your favorite ideas or links that enhance the season with your family?