ORIENTAL TEMPLE BELLS are HUGE, sometimes multiple stories high.  The sound is produced by a log that has a brass end fitted to it.  In some cases, the bells are so large, this log must be carried my many men who must move together toward the bell to strike it. 

Unless you take a trip to the orient, your child will not be able to experience this live.  But the knowledge of such a bell can be impressive to a young child, expanding their view of the world to things outside their own life and culture.  This video is homemade, but it great to show the size of a smaller bell and how it is rang. 


These bells are traditionally built for temples and are used to worship.  The sound is so loud that the entire community can hear it.  And the sound can last for hours, enhancing the mind’s ability to focus for meditation and prayer.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of posting exploring the sounds of bells.  I am sure there are more that I have not focused on hear.  Please feel free to add comments to help us become aware of others.