Motherhood is many things:  inspiring, frustrating, humorous, gross, heartwarming,  heart wrenching… honestly, our families FILL our lives with emotional and physical extremes and everything in between.

After many years of marriage, I craved having a child because I knew my life would never be as full without at least one (no, husbands don’t count, no matter how much they consider themselves still a child.)  And having children has brought me countless joy, as well as so much personal growth.

Nevertheless, Motherhood is stressful.  Let me back up:  LIFE is stressful, and families just add lives that multiply the stress.  It is not a bad thing, stress promotes positive actions in many cases that are needed.  On the other hand, we all know that continued stress over time, without a way to disperse it, is NOT good for your body or mind.  AND, a relaxed, focused mom is the BEST way to approach parenting.

So my gift to you today is some ideas to help relieve stress and relax using your sense of hearing.   There is a different focus for each of the following blog postings – please read them all and try at least ONE right away.   Got 10 minutes?  That’s all it takes !

First, try them by yourself, and feel the relaxation that begins to flow through your whole being.  Eventually, try them with your children with some of the ideas given. 


For as a mom, helping your child learn to relax is, by far, one of the best gifts you can give them.

GOT  10 minutes?

Let your sense of hearing help you release your stress & relax your body.  

1.  The Sound of Silence

2.  The Sound of Nature

3.  The Sound of Music