IT Logo  Kindermusik Imagine That!  is for children from 3 1/2 to 5 years old. 


Fall semester classes are offered on:  Wed. 1:30 pm.    or   Thurs. 11:30 am.    at Explorations V Childrens Museum in Lakeland.  Sessions are 45 min. a week for 15 weeks.  Students attend independently for 30 minutes, then parents join for the last 15 min.  Each day is an imaginative journey filled with music, movement, and exploration leading to whole child development, music development, and learning through play and self-discovery.

See What I Saw  “See What I Saw”  is a semester full of imaginative play at the park, including playing on the playground equipment, observing and gathering nature items, and having a picnic at the park.   Glissandos (vocal sliding) help children learn to sing in their high head voice.  Active instrument exploration leads to development of basic music skills such as steady beat and ensemble play.

Materials include:

–  2 CDs of high quality music featuring a variety of voices, instruments, and styles

2 Children’s literature books with interesting characters, story lines, and word plays

– A Home Activity Book which includes the words & melodies of the songs, as well as “homework” assignments after each class to help bring the learning home

– A Game Set – in this set is a durable City Park scenario, with punch out characters and park features,  to act out the songs, stories, and activities featured in class.

– an instrument – a hand-made wooden slide whistle in a durable nylon case.

– Each Imagine That! student also recieves a turquoise Kindermusik backpack to carry their instruments and projects back and forth to class.