Kindermusik Our Time:  FIDDLE-DEE-DEE      WEEK 10 

During the last three weeks, the children have had an opportunity to take turns playing the resonator bars while the class sang Sweetly Sings the Donkey.  The repetition of this activity has allowed your child to become more and more familiar with the song, thus encouraging him to sing along.   I am most amused by the emergence of the different personalities in response to this activity.  Some children LOVE to sing the HE-Haw LOUD into the mirror.  Some sing it, but only for mom.  Some would rather sing it at home. 

All of the children were very interested in playing the resonator bars, and it was fun to see which tempo they chose.  It always keeps me on my toes to be ready to sing as fast as some can play.   One of my personal favorite experiences with this activity was years ago.   A very shy girl had this wonderful look of disgust on her face as she readily played through the whole song while kicking her foot, like a donkey, to the side.  I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.  Children are fascinating creatures !!!   I celebrate the different ways they participate, from the observer to the mover, because each personality is fascinating in their own way. 

This activity also provides the opportunity for each child to learn how to take turns in a supportive environment!  Oooh, that waiting part can be a challenge, as well as the moment of release (of the mallets).  As partners, each one of you were excellent supporters of this process.  THANK YOU !!!  You could really see the magic in the process of repeating this activity, as they were much more apt to be patient in taking turns this week.  Learning these skills now is so important for their overall social development, and will benefit them greatly as they move on to preschool and other structured settings.