The Gift of Music Thrives for a Lifetime

when it is a part of daily life now.

At any age…  It makes a difference.

A good beginning never ends.

YOUR Child has a message for you about gifts they would LOVE !

Make it Musical ! 

Baby FamilyI love to listen in the car, and sing along with the fun songs.  I love to make music with my instruments, and anything else I can bang on or shake !
Most of all, I love it when my family and I enjoy music activities together:  lap bounces with daddy like “Giddy Up A-Horsie”, dancing with scarves with mommy, and circle dances like “Ring Around the Rosie”…
More, please.  Let’s do it again !

boy interacts with music

Research shows that music activates my whole brain, enhancing ALL my learning right now,  and building a strong foundation for all my future learning.
My brain is always searching for patterns that help the world make sense, and music is full of patterns.  My brain learns best when comparing opposite concepts, and music is full of contrasts.  My brain learns best when NEW things catch my interest, and is followed by many repetitions to help keep strong what I have learned.
More, please.  Let’s do it again !
girls eyesIf I could, I would tell you that the gift that would mean most to me,
the one that will fill more of each of my days with fun and learning,
the one that will last the longest, and make marvalous memories,
is the Gift of Music !



My TOP 5 Gifts of Music

Classes - girl

#1 – Kindermusik day is my favorite day of the week !

Regular Kindermusik classes (weekly, or monthly)  makes it fun and easy for me and my family to learn new songs and music activities, and gives us all the materials to keep the fun and learning going at home, and in the car !  It is through the ongoing process of structured music activities that helps me the most, to gain self-control skills and become emotionally and socially ready for school, and for life.   And it makes me feel so good because Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Marianne focus on how I’m so unique and wonderful, and helps me learn in my own way.  There are so many new program units starting in January for infants up to 7 years old.
But we don’t have to wait, let’s visit a class in December to make sure it is right for me.  Check out the details on:
At just $60 a month, this gift just keeps on giving, Jan – May, and my love of music will last a lifetime.
If not in Polk County, simply go to and type in your zip code to find locations near you.

#2 – It is so much fun to unwrap and explore new  musical Instruments !

Mrs. Debbie recommends these shopping places:
  • The  ONLINE Kindermusik Store has LOTS of great music, instruments, scarves, and even sets (best prices!)  For babies and toddlers, I recommend the “Hide and Shake Instrument Collection” with humongous scarf, and for preschooler and older, the yellow SLIDE WHISTLE provides an amazing amount of musical exploration.  Please “tell” them that Mrs. Debbie sent you by entering her educator code, #15788, at checkout.
  •  At, there is actually a category for Kindermusik Instruments – which includes many  instruments that Kindermusik uses because they know they are safe.  Brands we trust as safe are Hohner and Nino.  I am unsure of the safety of the other brands.  Best of all, this site offers “Sound Bingo” which Kindermusik developed, but no longer has in stock.  This is an excellent gift for preschoolers!
  • At LittleLovees online, I was pleased to find many of the baby-safe instruments we use in Kindermusik as part of adorable gift sets at reasonable prices.
  • Remo drums are some of the best quality and are found many places online.  Best prices I could find on the Rainbow Forest colored 10″ Floor Tom like we have in class,  is at West Music and
  • West Music also has a great deal on the colorful scarves.
  • For elementary age children who like stringed instruments, I recommend Lap Harps, as discussed in a previous article.

Boomwacker girlLocally, in Polk County, FL, there are several great Small Businesses with unique selections of children’s items:

  • Brooke Pottery   – unique and tender hearted
  • Traditions Unlimited  – unique
  • Carlton Music – in Lakeland, Winter Haven & Sebring !  Usually has the Remo drums, as well as the Boomwhackers pictured to the right – very fun !
  • The Guitar Center – OK, not a small business, but the North Lakeland store has an awesome family atmosphere, and walls of percussion, and sets of drums to play !  I recommend visiting at a less crowded time with your child to let them explore to their delight.

Mrs. Debbie’s Advice: choose instruments your child can be successful with.   Some melodic instruments, like a violin or guitar can end up being frustrating, and are best considered with recommendations for the right size and quality, as well as lessons from a music educator.

#3 – I LOVE hearing and learning songs about things I am interested in !!!

On, there are hundreds of songs , stories, and music to chooseSweetPea3from.  AND, there is a way to SEARCH for songs about the things I like most, like TRAINS, CARS, ANIMALS, Princesses, or growing a garden.      It is easy to download these songs, and the first 3 credits are free when you log in for the first time.
PLUS, right now, ALL families can download the “Winter Wonderland” song for FREE.   The whole Winter Wonderland album is just 12 credits, and it is one of our family’s favorite winter season music.
 Need something that is easy, durable, and safe for me to use to listen? Check out this cool SweetPea3 MP3 player.  Plus, you will be amazed at how it is designed to make parenting easier.  There is even one that is accessible to Android Apps.


#4 –  I think I’m READY for music lessons!

Am I ready to sit down one-on-one with a teacher for a specific instrument?
Or will I learn best how to read and write music, and play instruments, through singing, moving, and playing games, which will get me READY for more formal lessons?
Better talk to Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Tiffany, to see what is best for me at this time.

Kindermusik for the Young Child (ages 5 – 7) with Mrs. Debbie

InTune Studios offers:

  • Private lessons on the piano, violin, flute, guitar, or voice
  •  Young Voices – unique program with group voice, acting, dance, and art
  • there is an Afterschool version that can include Martial Arts !
  • ART classes are also available for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary ages

 #5 – The Greatest Gift is Musical TIME with YOU and ME

I really like to hear you sing to me, teach me the songs you grew up with, tell me rhymes while I bounce on your knees, pull out the pots and pans and tell me what beautiful music I am making, help me make homemade music instruments, dance with me with music that’s got a groove, rock out with me to some of your favorite music,  and rock me to sleep with the most soothing lullabies.   It’s a gift you can give everyday, and it doesn’t cost a thing, except your time.

More music, please.  Let’s do it Again !