Does your young child (5 – 7 years) want to travel to distant countries this summer?   Yodel from the mountaintops in Germany?  Be treated like Royalty in England?  Communicate with talking drums in Africa?  Join up with a Mariachi band for a fiesta in Mexico?  We can do it ALL in a week, right here in Lakeland, Florida !  And In Tune Studios offers so much more music for elementary age students.

Kindermusik Adventures:   Around the WorldMex Hat Dance

This Summer Camp is specifically designed for children 4 ½  – 7 yrs. old.  Each day is a full adventure into a different country through songs, games, circle dances, crafts, language, and so much more.  Visit Africa, Japan, Germany, England, and Mexico. Children participate independently for the full afternoon, and the parents can join in for the last 15 min.  This program is an excellent introduction or enhancement to the Kindermusik for the Young Child program.

Includes FIVE  3 ½ hour classes and a set of home materials (CD, color folders for each country, 2 instruments, a travel bag, and lots of crafts) to make sure the learning continues once the marvelous memories are made. 

Once a day for 5 days:  MON through FRI:  June 27 – 31st.    1:30 – 4:00 pm.    (related activities will continue until 5 pm.)

  • (If interested in a once a week Fri aft. class, contact me.)

Tuition cost is just $80 for the half day program, and $40 for the home materials, for a total of $120.

Enrollment can be completed on my website, , and/or contact Debbie at or 816-8835.  If you have questions, please leave a phone number so we can speak personally. 

This is in coordination with In Tune Studios.  It is also being held at that location, 818 Lemon Street.

Tiffany Stokes, owner of In Tune Studios, is also offering  Little Maestros as the morning session, covering basic musicianship, so the student could spend the WHOLE day, and the WHOLE week, just immersed in the wonderful world of music.  

“This camp is a comprehensive music experience!  We will take a musical look through history, and learn about different instrument families in the orchestra, and even play some of these instruments.  Playful activities will also focus on learning, or reinforcing, the notes on the Treble staff, and many of the dynamic symbols of music.  Several orchestral compositions, such as “Peter and the Wolf”,  “The Unanswered Question”, and Haydn’s “The Surprise Symphony” will help bring classical music to life.  On Friday, students will create their own musical story soundtrack!

This morning session, 9:00 am. To 12:30 pm, is an additional $80, but there is no materials cost, and students can stay to eat a lunch they brought from home in order to be ready for the afternoon Kindermusik Adventure Camp.

Tiffany also has some other FABULOUS music camps planned this summer.  See the brief list below, then check out the details on her website.  Click here, where you can also register for her camps.

Dates                Morning Camp                Afternoon Camp             Age Range

July 13 – 17       Piano Masters                 Pick a String (Guitar)      7 – 12                These are group introductory classes.  Perfect to determine which instrument your child might have an aptitude for, or what they might be motivated to learn.

July 20 – 24       Sing! (Vocal)                  Young Picasso’s (Art)      6 – 12

July 27 – 31       Little Maestros              Kindermusik Adventures  4 ½ – 7

Aug. 3 – 7          Feel the Beat (Rhythm)   Footloose!  (Dance)        6 – 12


Ms. Debbie wishes you a marvalous summer full of music & memories !  I hope to see you!