Kindermusik in Winter Haven is moving right down the road to V.I.P. Kids, located at the end of the right arm of the shops at High Pointe Plaza on Cypress Gardens Blvd.

high-pointe     vip-kids

During the second week of December, we are offering FREE CLASSES.  Contact Debbie at for an email with the details.

The Kindermusik Spring Semester starts during the first week of January.  We are offering 3 programs:

  • Village – babies up to 18 months – Unit:  Zoom Buggy !  All about things that GO!
  • Family Adventures – 1 1/2 – 4 years old – Unit:  Zoo Train  – fun for the whole family.
  • ABC Music & Me – 4 – 6 year olds – An movement oriented approach to basic music theory through studying musical cultures from around the world.  Check it out!
  • Program schedule and details are available on my website,

giftsCurrently, there is a wonderful display of the upcoming Kindermusik programs and the home materials.  A Kindermusik Semester would make a GREAT GIFT, and Kindermusik Gift Certificates are available to purchase on site (or you can contact me!).  Grandparents can see the products and learn about the programs – they love to give gifts that last!

There are also Musical Gift Baskets to GO, great for under the tree, that include music and fun movement props, as well as a FREE CLASS Coupon, and a $10 Gift Certificate.


A few months ago, when Amy and I were doing a Kindermusik Demo for an Art Expo at the WH Library, we met Sandy.  She and her 5 yr. old son and 8 yr. old daughter were truly enjoying the musical activities.  After the presentation Sandy approached us and shared with us that she was moving her fine clothing boutique to a new location.  In the new space, there was enough room to include a small “center for the arts”, including instruction in art, etiquette, and modeling for young children.  She is very dedicated to providing opportunities for young children to thrive through participating in artistic studies.  She was very excited with the Kindermusik program and could see how our goals are so similar.  Through the past several months, she has moved in to her new location at High Pointe Plaza (right next to Cypress Gardens Amusement Park), and she is truly enjoying watching her aspirations come alive.

Please go meet Sandy, and let her show you where we will be enjoying our Kindermusik classes.  We’ll have some nice cushy carpets to sit on, in her well-lit, very clean space.  Amy and I are very excited to facilitate magical Kindermusik moments with you and your family in this fabulous location.