I just visited my favorite blogsite by fellow Kindermusik educator, Merri Williams, and just HAD to share this with you!     We do encourage a lot of vocal play in many of our Kindermusik classes, but this guy mixes it up in a whole different way.  Just imagine all of the fun vocal play you can have with your children with THESE ingredients. 


DO try this at home.  After getting some kitchen equipment out and exploring their sounds, try to make their sounds with your mouth/voice.  Or even make up a cool sound for each object as he does.  Then stir up your own rhythmic music.  Ha, Ha, What Fun!

This is actually for all ages, the youngest ones will watch in fascination, the toddlers will have fun exploring sounds, the preschoolers will LOVE to help come up with ideas, around 5 years and older may start keeping a beat, while you play with some rhythms around you, then as they get older they can play around with their own beats.  Just show the older ones the video, and let them loose in the kitchen.  Make sure to get your video camera!