Happy wigglersToddlers   continue to EXPERIENCE beat, and practice movement, and they are developing a beat of their own

·         Tap steady with your hand, or object, identifying specific body parts.

·         Use arm motions with scarves or streamers.  Make circles in the air.

·         Hold a variety of objects while tapping, tennis ball, sticks, paintbrush, etc.

·         Use hand or finger puppets, talking or walking with a steady beat.

·         Stomp with one foot on a hollow surface.

·         Tear paper to a beat, or scratch out a beat on sandpaper.

·         Repeat new words over and over with a steady beat   “Ma-ma-ma-ma”

·         Fill a large paper bag with crumpled newspaper.  Tie the top of the bag closed and hand it from the ceiling or clothesline.  Show your child how to hit the bag with their hand or ping pong paddle.  Demonstrate keeping the beat on the bag.

Walkers:         practice OWN beat, and may be able to follow external beat

·         MARCH everywhere – to the bathroom to brush teeth, to the mailbox, etc.

·         Encourage them to tap steady on body parts while identifying them.

·         Count to a steady beat, while counting toys, cars, or body movements.

·         Use steady beat to tap out child’s name, then family, friends, etc.

·         Use movement or instruments to tap out favorite rhymes and songs

·         If using recorded music, try to find some that comes close to their own beat

·         Tap or play drum with both hands together, trying to hit at same time.

·         While swinging, sing or chant to beat of the swing.  You can even make up new words to very familiar chants, such as:Humpty Dumpty sat in a swing, Humpty Dumpty wanted to sing,         All the King’s horses, and all the king’s men, couldn’t keep Humpty quiet again.