Aah, “What a Wonderful World” sung with the soothing sound of Louis Armstrong resonates deep in my soul.  My whole body seems to relax as I picture the many beautiful places I have seen.  As you and your child watch this spectacular photo slide show together, you will see the words of this song presented in full color.  When we watch it several times, it gives our children a mental image that is likely to come to mind whenever they hear this song.

And it is a beautiful beginning for your family’s Wonderful World PLAYLIST of music that gives us a bigger scope of where we live, and how important it is to see and protect all our world has to offer.    April is a perfect time to create your playlist in coordination with Earth Day on April 21 this year, and you’ll find some good recommendations below.   You can actually get a great start of 10 recordings for your playlist when you join our family style music making during our April Playdate, “Dear Earth, We Love You!”



Do you have a favorite playlist you listen to in your car?  Does the music affect your interactions?     You may be like our family who loves to sing along to our favorite music as we are driving, especially on long cross country road trips, and this song is the beginning of our Wonderful World playlist.  Sometime we repeat a song again and again as we learn the words.  With some songs, or learning styles, it is easier to print the lyrics.  You can find the lyrics to “What a Wonderful World” here(Copyright prevents me from listing them on my site.)

When my children were young, it was amazing how singing this song, even without the music can transform the moment from tension filled “independent concerns” to a calm feeling of cohesion… not immediately, but as I sang, their sounds quieted, until they were both just listening (and often sulking).  As I finished the song, I always tell my children that they are a part of what makes this world so wonderful to me, and it helps them to feel like they are a part of the love that abounds in this song.   Then I’d play a favorite upbeat song from the playlist, and sometimes the edge just melted away.  Not always.

What would YOU add to your Wonderful World playlist?   These are some of our favorites we enjoyed with our family as they were growing up.  It looks a little different now in our teen and young adult years, as you will see from some additional lists of songs below.

  • This Land is Your Land – Woodie Guthrie    –  Lyrics   
  • Pick It UP – Woodie Guthrie  – you will love this clean up song
  • Grassy Grass Grass –  Woodie Guthrie – mesmerizing simple words tell a story 
  • We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands – adapted from a spiritual folk song
  • The Garden Song – sung by Mary Miche   Hear it and watch the video HERE.    Wow… when I just listened to this song again, my heart overflowed with memories, and my eyes started leaking.  I have read and sung the lyrics along with The Garden Song book too many times to count.
  • Don’t Dump Your Trash – A campfire style sing-a-long and ensemble – Lyrics , Video and Download available HERE on Mamalisa  (scroll down for 2nd set of Lyrics)

It is a big world, and it is important to introduce it to our children in so many ways…  a little taste of music from different places around the world opens their ears and minds to a bigger world, with different languages, both verbally and musically.  EVERY culture has their share of music about this Wonderful World.  We can only be motivated to make a difference in saving this world, when we are raised to appreciate and deeply love all that it has to offer.

Of course, as a Kindermusik educator of 20+ years, I have a HUGE selection of high quality recordings from which I have gathered as my favorites on this wide ranging topic as well.  Music about the sunshine, the mountains, the sea, songs about nature from our Native American heritage as well as cultural songs from around the world.   Each unit of Kindermusik comes with it’s own album of music you can only get when you are a part of our music making experiences.

BUT,  here’s a secret…  You can find all of the following to purchase and download in one place at play.kindermusik.com  instead of looking all over the internet.  Some of these are ONLY available at this music site.

  • I Like to Sing – When the sun is shining… I love to do so many things
  • I Love the Mountains – folk song for singing and possibly hiking
  • Sally Go Round the Sun – folks song that makes a perfect circle dance game
  • Island Paradise – instrumental Caribbean style featuring steel drums
  • Spirit of the Sun – steady drums and strong song of Native American origin
  • Drover’s Dream – instrumental delight from Australia, featuring a digeridoo
  • Skinnamarink –  A joyful song for dancing and singing “I Love You”
  • Go Well and Safely  –  a Zulu farewell song
  • Rocky Mountain – Campfire style Folk song   – Lyrics
  • Little Feather – a Native American story with musical and sound opportunities
  • World of Wonder – instrumental orchestral delight
  • Estaba La Pajara Pinta – instrumental from South America

If you are purchasing them, and downloading them into iTunes, they will be listed separately, and you can gather them into a playlist you create.


Let’s Celebrate our Earth TOGETHER !


When you register and join us for our Dear Earth, I Love you Playdate, on April 27, it includes your access to DOWNLOAD 10 of these recordings in a compiled album format.

  • 9:30 – Playdate for babies 2 – 22 months old and their families
  • 10:30 – Playdate for full families with children 8 m. to 5 years old.

PLUS… you get to join me and a small group of other young families for 45 – 60 minutes as we enjoy many delightful ways to interact with each other along with this music.   Your child will love bouncing to a new rhyme on your knees, playing native rhythms on the drum, expressively dancing with colorful streamers (which you get to take home), creating sound effects along with our storytelling, and sooooo much more.   You will also have a print out with the lyrics for these songs, and filled with ideas of ways to engage your children with this music.


Register NOW to save your spot for this April Playdate.  Click here:  Kindermusik Family Playdates – Spring.

These seasonally themed Playdates are offered every month, typically offered on the second Saturday of each month.  Click HERE to see more details and the Annual list of Kindermusik Playdates.

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MORE Music for your Wonderful World Playlist

Songs for Teaching offers an extensive list of Earth Day Songs from a variety of musicians that specialize in children’s music.  There are THREE songs on the list from our very own Central Florida children’s musician, Jack Hartmann, who often plays here in Lakeland for the World of Reading event offered by the Junior League of Greater Lakeland in April every year.

If you are a fan of mountains, you will love this list of 17 of the Best Songs About Mountains from Adventure Journal.

Time Out Market, out of New York, offers their list of Best Earth Day Songs

Ultimate Classic Rock offers their own Top 20 Earth Day Songs

Music can be such a magical experience.  That’s why I teach Kindermusik – there are so many songs that can do this, and Kindermusik is a fun way to learn to sing the songs together.