When you see your young child dancing to any music in range, or hear them singing to themselves, or feel them tapping out a beat on your hands or a set of pots and pans, you’ve got to wonder, “How can I nurture this love of music at this young age?” It is absolutely possible… even for very young babies… to build a good foundation for music, as well as allow music to help them blossom at each of these ages and stages !

Watching a classroom of children and families, it is easy to see the joy in making music together. Children are engaged in their own way, exploring their own abilities, or connecting with a parent… or interacting with other children. And Kindermusik is so much more than that. At each age, there is an integrated curriculum carefully designed around the “sensitive periods” for learning specific concept and skills, both musically and developmentally.

Kindermusik is…

… an easy and beautiful way to connect with your child through music and movement any time.

… research based curriculum introducing age specific music concepts and skills at each stage, 0 – 7 yrs.
… weekly classes, typically 45 min., where you connect with friends and make music together
structured group learning opportunities, flexible enough for individuals to find their groove

… a nurturing place allowing your child to gain confidence in themselves and with others 

… your child’s favorite weekly excursion ! … maybe yours too?

… a brain-friendly process to help build a neural foundation for learning
… delightful sounds, rhymes, and rhythms that encourage vocal and language development
… a proven process of using music to benefit all areas of your child’s development

… a combination of the best practices of classic early music education masters… and the Montessori educational approach of child centered exploration and discovery.

… a way to regularly receive the highest quality music, books, and instruments for your child
… ongoing education and inspiration to help parents, the primary teacher, enhance life with music
… an international program with thousands of teachers (US states and 70 different countries).

… AND…
your child’s best start to a lifelong love of music and making music from the heart.

… music now… skills for life…  Let it Begin with Kindermusik.