Recent experiences have created sort of a LIFE SHIFT for me.  I know most people re-evaluate at the beginning of each year, set new goals.  I was just too overwhelmed during the last few months. (Thus the lack of blog postings – sorry!)  It has led me to be guided a little differently. 

Instead of writing a To Do list, I am compelled to start each day asking,

“What Matters Most?”

Instead of MORE, I am looking for LESS.  So again, I have to ask,

“What Matters Most?”

Instead of trying to micro-manage my children, I step back and think,

“What Matters Most?”

Instead of trying to do everything that I think everyone wants, I am wondering,

“What Matters Most?”

SO, if you see my blog looking / feeling / being a little different.  Please know that it is guided by my asking that question repeatedly.  And I want to know What Matters Most to you.

I will continue to add blog postings with enhancements that I feel expand the world of music to my students and families, as well as anyone else who comes across it and enjoys the information. 

I will no longer be posting information here to ANNOUNCE my upcoming Kindermusik programs.  I am using Constant Contact to send e-newsletters.  It is simply not efficient to try to design the information in both places.  If you want to subscribe to my e-newsletters, please contact me at .

There is basic information about the classes offered in Lakeland and Winter Haven in the Pages listed across the top and on the left side of this blog.  And the Calendar lists all dates for the classes and events that we schedule.

I WILL be adding posting concerning things that touch my heart, things I feel “Matter Most” to me, to my customers, and to those who love their children and want to offer them the best of themselves.  Hopefully, I can find and share things that will give you ideas and inspire you to do just that. 

To be the best parent I can be to my family, and to inspire others to do the same, that’s at the top of my list of What Matters Most! 

As a Kindermusik customer of mine, I would LOVE to hear “What Matters Most” to you and your family.   I am happy to put forth my best efforts to provide my families with information, ideas, and inspiration through emails, e-newsletters, blogs, pictures, etc., as long as it important to you.  Finding out What Matters Most to you will help me spend my time on the services you want the most. 

  • Obviously, the first element is providing an excellent classroom experience.  That will NEVER be compromised.  
  • The home materials from Kindermusik International are of the highest quality, and based on the best research in the areas of music development and child development. I’ve done the research:  These materials, and this curriculum, are the BEST that are available to offer you. 
  • I will continue to send weekly emails to help families recognize some of the developmental issues that are going on in class, and how to help facilitate this learning at home.
  • I would LOVE to find out more about What Matters Most to you as far as the rest goes, so I’ll be sending brief email surveys.  Please take the time to complete those, so I can use my time most efficiently in providing the BEST service for you and your family.  OF COURSE, you can email or call me directly with ANY Thoughts you have on the subject.

If you don’t hear from me as often, I am most likely finding What Matters Most with my own family.  I hope you are doing the same.