“Singing is a child’s most direct form of musical experience. …In a sense, when we sing, we become the music. This immediacy is becoming less and less available in other musical experiences, in which the music is performed for us by professional musicians or is mediated by electronic means.”  Songworks 1, by Peggy D. Bennett and Douglas R. Bartholomew, p. 8.

Such fun we had singing today! “Ten in the Bed” is a favorite, with easy repetitive phrases, fun gestures, and even a glockenspiel part to play! “Mouse Mousie” is a rollicking singing game—played with gusto! And today’s new song, “Che Che Koolay,” is a longtime favorite ECHO song and game of children from Ghana, Africa.    And they have really caught onto the new Circle Round the Zero song, with it’s partnering activities.  

All of the children in this class like to sing, and they catch on to the songs quite fast.  But the new “Che Che Koolay” song is a bit more challenging.  Please place the CD in the player and listen to this song again and again.  (Although, I’ve heard that some of you have already been doing that.)  When the children are able to remember the words, they can lead the chase game – and it is most fun.  The students should be familiar with most of the songs by now, and this should revive a new interest in listening to, and singing with the CD – they have a lot of positive associations with the songs.  But beware, it will probably energize them into a musical explosion.

Try to have them sing the following songs, and practice them on the glockenspiel:    Lucy LocketBell Horses,  Ten In the Bed  (just the “Roll Over” part)Mouse Mousie  (new sheet handed out this week)

Sing, sing, sing this week!        And watch for rebounding ECHOs !!!!