From the Back Yard

….. to the Beach

……….. to the Drum Circle,

there are so many fun and musical ways for families with young children to be wiggling our toes in the sand this summer in Lakeland:

Wiggling Our Toes in the Sand,
Wiggling our toes, Oh, how grand.
Wiggling Our Toes in the Sand…
OH, how I looooove… to Wiggle !


Kindermusik Summer Session Camps and Workshops

are offered in a new relaxed location just south of Edgewood off S. Florida in Lakeland

for 6 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June and July 2015

.and the SECOND  Saturday of each month June – September.

Enrollment Vouchers allow flexibility so it can fit in your busy summer schedule.


Music Workshops for Young Musicians are offered separately.

Family Drum Circles will be scheduled on a variety of Friday Nights.  FREE, and all are invited.

These are the only Kindermusik programs that will be offered in Polk County.

SCHEDULED WEEKS:  Classes start June 16 & 18, and run six consecutive weeks, so the last classes will be July 21 & 23.

Flexible attendance enrollment plans make it easy to choose 4 or 6 classes that work for your family.  OR get the unlimited plan and come to ALL of the classes offered in that age group.  If you have a unique schedule, but want to participate somehow, call and chat with me, and we will work it out.


Three programs are offered as 45 min. classes twice a week for 6 weeks,   June 16 & 18 through  July 23 & 25   AND on the second Sat. of each month, June – Sept.

Babies up to 24 months will enjoy exploring their “Big Back Yard” with their parent or favorite partner.

  • Tuesdays:  9:30 am.      –  Open Enrollment
  • Tuesdays:  12:30 pm     –  Open
  • Thurs:  12:30 pm.          –  Open
  • Sat. 9:30 am.                 –  Open
Families with children between 1 – 4 years old will enjoy some excellent adventures with our “Beach Days”.
  • Tuesdays:  10:30 am  (FULL)
  • Tuesdays:  11:30 am  Open – (2.5 to 5 years old)
  • Thurs. 10:30 am.  (FULL)
  • Thurs. 11:30 am.  Open 
  • Tues:  2:00 pm.  Open (all ages)   ***
  • Sat. 10:30 am.  –  Open 
Independent children 4 – 6 years old will be exploring “Drums, Drums, Drums”.
  • Thurs.:  3:30 pm.  (FULL)


***  I am happy to offer these classes if we can get at least 6 families enrolled.  So invite your friends to come visit a class with you.  Let’s make this work for your family.


The Summer Voucher System allows families to purchase a Summer Camp package that includes a set of digital home materials and a set number of classes to attend.

Access to an integrative unit of digital home materials is included with any of these voucher options.  Each of the lessons will be unique, and will be based on the materials from that unit – for consistency and continuity.  There’s plenty of material here to work with, and I am having FUN mixing it up for you.

Cost          # of classes      Thoughts behind it

$60              4                       Perfect for the Saturday option, twice a week for two weeks, once a week for 4 weeks, or any 4 classes you can make.

$85              6                       Perfect for once a week for all 6 weeks, twice a week for three weeks, or any 6 classes you can make.

$120           all                      Unlimited class attendance from all offered.


Music Theory Workshops

Designed by Ms. Debbie
Young Musicians 5 – 12 years old will have the opportunity to get together with their music-minded peers in the individual Music Workshops of their choice.  See separate article:   Music Theory Workshops with Ms. Debbie

 Family Drum Circles

Drum Circles will be scheduled separately and in a location to be announced.  Everyone is invited and there is no cost, but tips are appreciated.
  • I’m looking at scheduling these on Friday nights, and I’d like to find a location where we could be on the sand.  Please Contact Me if you have an idea for a location.


Come be a part of our summer adventures for so many ways to enjoy these themes with us this summer:

  • Kindermusik classes to engage us fully
  • Opportunities to connect with others,
  • Digital music and online books and activities to explore – on websites and optimized for mobile use
  • Sharing of ideas and inspirations online through articles on the MC website, and posts on Facebook.


This summer  of 2015, Ms. Debbie is offering Kindermusik programs in Lakeland, Florida at a new location !    454 E. Main Street.  For more details, visit the page:

Kindermusik Now at KRaP Art Studio in Downtown Lakeland


Enroll Now for the programs that best suit your family’s needs, and save your space in the classes that work best for you.