As parents, we want our children to experience the many wonders that life has to offer.  Through their young eyes, we get to revisit the childhood wonder of winter and the holidays that are woven within its fabric.  Those of us in Lakeland, FL have to improvise a bit and be creative in making this season REAL for our children.

Our holiday celebrations can be such a wonder filled part of our culture.  Yet, sometimes, it seems that the amazing season of winter, and all it’s wonders, can be overlooked.  Let’s make Winter come to life for our children (in a more traditional way than our FROZEN and Grinchy counterparts) with images and songs and playful interactions.  Kindermusik International is offering some wonderful music for you.  And Ms Debbie is SNOW READY to facilitate a winter experience with your family.  (Register soon to save your spot!)   Winter images and craft ideas can add just the right amount of COOL to balance the holiday brightness.

Songs and Sounds of Winter

Your child may be more familiar with a snowman that sings fondly of summer, which is wonderfully fun.  But, now is a great time for your family to learn and enjoy singing winter songs that are familiar among different generations.  This music is filled with bells and sleigh rides, jolly snowmen, and other winter wonders.  Steep your family in the beloved music that can help them connect with parents and grandparents.
Download this album of 13 delightful songs for FREE.  Kindermusik International is making this available to EVERYONE !  Share the link with friends.
So many songs of winter include the sounds of jingle bells.  Do you have bells for your child to use to make the music ring ?  “Jingle Bells” is often one of the first winter songs that children sing.  Did you know it was originally written for a Thanksgiving program in the Victorian era, and it was so well received, the church composer was asked to revise it for more people to sing at the Christmas event… even though the song never mentions Christmas.  I’ve got so much to share on jingle bells, it seems there is enough for a whole new post… watch for it.

A Winter Experience with Your Family 

Many of these songs on this album are also enjoyed in our Winter Wonderland Kindermusik Playdates, as you and your little ones experience fun activities that get us jingling, and singing, and laughing together.

“Cold winds blow, and bring us snow…”    It is our own brand of snow play that is not so cold, but still a lot of fun.  Explore the soft and crunchy feel of Ms. Debbie’s “Snowtime Anytime Snowballs” (yep, look ‘em up online), and see many of the ways you can make your own snow for extending the fun at home.   We dim the lights for a nighttime snowfall, then rise with the lights to make snow angels, shuffle and play around in the snow,  slide around with jingle bells on our “sleighs”, make snow piles on willing friends, and even use white bags to fill with snow to make… and decorate… our snowmen !  And DANCE like snowmen !  Then the snow gets cleared by our active little zambonies, and we skate around on the ice to the “Skater’s Waltz”.    Take home a few “snowflakes” and a little bag of “SnoWonder” Instant Snow – for more realistic snow fun at home.

Home Materials include:  ”Winter Wonderland” album is free, AND a code to download 10 more songs from , a Winter Wonderland Activity Sheet, snowflakes, and a bag of snow to explore at home.
Suggested clothing for PHOTO op:   RED, or dark blue outfits and cold weather wear (scarf, gloves, hat), possibly with accents of snow, snowflakes, snowman, etc.
Event participation, home materials, and photos… all for $20 for the first child
(The registration form outlines sibling costs.)
Dates/Times offered:
     Dec.  11 – Friday
            10:30 – Families:
            11:30 – Babies
at Bebe Flow – 228 E. Pine Street  in Lakeland




Dec. 12 – Saturday

9:30 – Babies:

10:30 – Families

At our new space:  1736 New Jersey Rd. in Lakeland


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……  brrr… are you feeling cold yet?

Winter Images and Crafts

Into the decorations around your home,  gradually add  little “surprise” images for your children to find… of snowflakes and snow banks, snow angels and snowmen, sleigh rides and bells.  These can easily be handmade by you, or include your children in some of the crafts.   Make and share some  winter crafts with your family and friends, as gifts, or just for fun.
Perhaps, as the holiday decorations come down, the winter images can stay, and more visuals can be added with penguins and bears, igloos and icicles, glaciers and icebergs .
  • The fun and fascination of cutting out unique 6 pointed snowflakes is engaging for parents and children 4 years old and up.  Watch this video:  Paper Snowflake Tutorial   Personally, I remember many days of finding little pieces of paper everywhere when my son was addicted to making snowflakes.
  • Science creates the wonder with these crystal covered snowflakes. Watch this video:  Borax Crystal Snowflakes
  • What can we use to “play in the snow”?    Buy a big bag of cotton balls !    If you have an old white sheet (cotton or flannel), cut it up into 3 inch squares for a pile of snow.  My favorite:  white fleece.   Be a part of our Winter Wonderland Playdate to play with my favorite types of “snow”, and take home so many ideas to expand your snow play.
  • How can we make a snowman come to life and dance?  Oooh… this one is a surprise…  watch for it….
  • How can we share the magic of falling snow without a mess to clean up ?     Watch the video:  How to make a Snow Globe


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