Do you have a special Winter Playlist? Can you call out… “Alexa, play Winter Music!”, and then enjoy singing together along with “Winter Wonderland” and dancing along with “Frosty the Snowman”. Our holiday celebrations in December can be such a wonder filled part of our culture.  Yet, sometimes, it seems that the amazing season of winter, and all its wonders, can be overlooked. So January is a perfect month for a playlist to embrace this season all by itself !  In this article, we’ll explore music for your Winter Playlist and some fun ideas for indoor pretend snow play, and maybe even some ice skating.

Those of us in Florida have to improvise a bit and be creative in making this season REAL for our children.  A great playlist you can listen to in the car, and initiate interactive play at home is a perfect way to ring true through the season.

Jumpstart your Playlist & Engaging Play

As an added bonus for those who can join us in Lakeland, Ms Debbie in is “SNOW” READY to facilitate a winter experience with your family to jumpstart your family’s winter fun.  Kindermusik International has recorded a wonderful selection of winter songs and music for you that I am eager to share with you.    So, let’s get you this music, and kick off the season making music and playing in “snow” together.

Winter Wonderland Playdate

YES!  On Saturday morning, January 12, Let’s make the Winter season come to life for our children with songs and playful interactions with traditional songs and music passed down for generations, and some fresh new songs for dancing and more.  For about 45 – 60 minutes, we’ll be singing a jingling, laughing, playing in the “snow” and even “ice skating” as part of this delightful event with an intimate group of other families. 

You will learn some musically interactive ways to enjoy this whole season with your little ones, take home some cool “pretend snow”, and you’ll have 10 high quality recordings to add to your playlist… music you will enjoy hearing again and again… and will be eagerly anticipated each year to come.

What will be on your Family’s Winter Playlist?

How can you build a Winter Playlist for your family that respects the traditional, the extended family favorites, and the fresh new songs of today?  Let’s focus on songs that are related specifically to the season of Winter, rather than any particular holiday celebration (which is why NO songs about Santa are included).  It is a season of cold and snow, of joyful gatherings with family and friends, and peaceful moments of quiet reflection, and perhaps even the sound of bells. 

Several of these songs are available from, which you can purchase separately if you are not able to join our Winter Wonderland Playdate.  The song that are underlined will be included on the album you would get as a part of our Playdate, but I wanted to offer extras you may find to be essential to your Winter Playlist. 

Songs of Winter with Snow and Ice

Snow play the Florida way !

It’s time to play in the snow.  There are many options you can use for homemade snow.  The closest at hand may be a box of tissues.  A run to the store can get you a few bags of cotton balls fairly cheaply.  For a full sharing sheet of ideas, see the link below.

“Sleighbells ring, are ya listening?  In the lane, snow is glistening.  What a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland.”  Kindermusik’s recording of “Winter Wonderland” is a hopping sweet version with an expressive singer that is perfect for this story song.  If you are looking for another version, Dean Martin’s smooth and jazzy voice in his version takes you to a different place in time, and was one of my mom’s favorites.   

Speaking of classy crooners, how about Bing Cosby and Danny Kay singing “SNOW!” with the girls from White Christmas?  Their harmonizing is beautiful and the lyrics paint a pretty picture of fun things you can do in the snow. 

Frosty the Snowman” is a delightful song from your childhood that you can pass along to this new generation.  Those of us in Florida could easily adapt this to sing “Sandy, the Sandman” on our beaches or in our sand box.  Your child can dress up as a snow man and play the part of Frosty, dancing around with a hat, scarf, and sticks in their hands. Kindermusik created a delightful song, “The Jolly Snowman” with dancing ideas… make sure to wear a hat.  Perhaps your child has been enchanted with a more recent snowman that sings fondly of summer, which is wonderfully fun, and your child would probably like that whole “Frozen” album added to your Winter Playlist, if you want it to be longer.

The “Skater’s Waltz” introduces children to 3 beat rhythms in a delightful way.  We enjoy sliding around like we are ice skating; sliding slow and smooth over 3 full beats, and short shuffles with each beat.  This music even has a section that encourages twirling.  Some folks like to use shoe boxes on their feet as skates, or use paper plates.

……  brrr… are you feeling cold yet?  

Of course, there is “Let it Snow”, which is an upbeat song about staying inside and letting it snow outside.  This is a perfect song to cuddle up with and talk about how to keep warm together after a full day of snow play. It does mention popping corn around the fire, but maybe your family would get some hot cocoa.  My family can truly relate to the idea of not wanting to leave a friend’s house, especially when it’s cold outside… yes, even in Florida.  My children wear hoody jackets in the summertime folks. (eye roll)

Jingle Bells and Sleigh Rides

 It is likely your young child is already singing “Jingle Bells, as it is a perennial favorite and this recording is in the perfect vocal range for young children.  We typically sing just the chorus (not the verses) for our young ones for several weeks to build up their confidence in singing.  The version of Jingle Bells on our album is a fantastic instrumental jazz version perfect for dancing.   Gain a whole new perspective on this song, from its origins to the story of it being performed in space, in my article from 2013.

Through songs shared over generations like this, we are connecting with our past and the history of our people traveling by sleighs drawn through the snow by horses wearing bells.  “Sleigh Ride” flows right along with this theme. You can hear the bells and the sound of the horse on our recording, as well as on this rocking version by the Ronettes.  Get your bells and dance. 

Keeping these songs alive in the hearts of our children creates a sense of respect for our ancestors and the way of life that came before us.  We won’t be expecting our little ones to sing the more complex verses of songs, but they will love to be pulled around like a sleigh on a long blanket or in a laundry basket by a willing adult or older child, with everyone sporting and playing their bells.

Connecting with Family and Adding Family Favorites

What expression will your child have on their face as they learn that Grandma sang “Jingle Bells” as a child, or how will they feel as they sing “Frosty the Snowman” along with Grandpa… even by FaceTime or Skype.  Take time to find out other winter songs that may have been sung by Grandparents, or even Great Grandparents if they are still alive.  Perhaps your family comes from a specific culture and a grandparent’s favorite might be from a different country in a different language.   What a wonderful conversation that might be. 

Even elderly folks with dementia are likely to sing along with favorites from their earlier years, especially “Deck the Halls” singing mainly the Fa-la-la parts. If we sing fairly slow, my mom will still sing “Winter Wonderland” with me and my girl.   She grew up in the 50s, and even though she can no longer sing along, she recognizes the music and gets up and does the twist to “Jingle Bell Rock”.  We work persistently to get as many good happy times as possible.    

Make sure to find good recordings of your family’s traditional favorites and add these to your playlist to keep these memories alive, and to sing with them when possible.  This annual recognition of family favorites helps build a strong sense of belonging that will be extremely helpful as our children grow and discover who they are… as part of your whole family.

Please add your thoughts and recommendations for songs to add to a Family’s Winter Playlist in the comments below.


I have created a document about pretend snow, with suggestions for types of pretend snow to buy or make, as well as ALL the different ideas for indoor snow play to go along with this music.  Let me know if you’d like to have a copy.  Complete the Start a Conversation form to request this PDF document on Snow Play, the Florida Way.


You can purchase and download many of these high quality instrumental recordings and delightful songs from

The Winter Wonderland Album is one of my favorites, with 13 classic favorites in an assortment of musical styles.

You can also get this gem from the same site, different album:

For those who want a playlist that includes Christmas songs, including those from different countries, just type that in the search area.  And there are beautiful recordings of Shalom Haverim and Hevenu Shalom for our Jewish friends.  Personally, I have these last two on several playlists, as I love to invite peace into our world all year long.

So what will be on your family’s Winter Playlist?