The time with our children is even more precious for parents who work outside the home.   Upon reuniting, we envision joyful hugs and the ability to quickly reconnect and enjoy home life together.  Sometimes that happens, and sometimes, it takes a bit more to get those connections.  Adding music to these routines can help us establish rituals that help us reconnect with our children.

There are several ways for working families around Lakeland, FL  to enhance their family life with music.

  • Weekly evening Kindermusik Family style classes
  • Once a month – Fall-Oh Me! Playdates
  • Sign Up for our Musical Parenting Series of E-Newsletters

For our weekly evening Kindermusik Family style classes, you’ll pick up your child, and join a wonderful group of other families going through the same balancing act between work and family time.    When you pick up your child, they may start anticipating this special time with you….  “Is music class today?”    Together, you will enjoy the opportunities to:

  • sing songs about things that are interesting and connect them with the world around them,
  • explore so many instruments and ways to make music,
  • move expressively individually and dance as a community,
  • explore unique ways using scarves, balls, and so much more.

This is all facilitated by a seasoned educator (18 years) who brings the love and learning out to play, and is dedicated to helping all families learn to use the magical power of the process of music.   Learn how music can become your superpower… for you and your child.

A bit of history:   Several working families and teachers in Lakeland, FL enjoyed these kinds of moments during the summer Kindermusik classes in 2015 and could truly see the benefit of consistent processing week to week, rather than once a month.   These moms and dads asked me to find a way they can continue this opportunity on a weekly basis that is available in the evenings, so I made it work starting in September 2015.  What a great year we had together.    Will your family join us this year?

We meet on Thursdays: 5:30 – 6:15 pm.,  Sept – May

Our first class will be on Thurs., Sept. 1, yet enrollment continues to be open for families to join us as soon as their schedule can be adapted to make this happen !  Although the class size is limited to 10 enrolled children.    Enroll now to save your spot in this unique class.

Enroll for the 2016-17 Kindermusik Session of Our Time

Family style simply means that the class is open for a wide age range of children, from babies on up to 3, maybe 4 years old or older, depending on the child, as is excellent for families with more than one child.   If you have a question, just connect with me so we can talk about your family.

All about home life !


We’ll start this Fall using the Our Time curriculum, starting with the unit, “Milk & Cookies”.     Your home life is getting a musical make-over.  We have songs for putting things away,  washing clothes, cleaning dishes, fixing the house, gardening, and even DUSTING !   Yes, we know these chores will take twice as long with their help.  But with the right approach, it all becomes a joyous opportunity to bond through common goals.  The earlier this becomes part of a fun routine, the more likely it will be for them to carry on this joyous approach to home life.

Same as the other programs, the cost is $60 a month when you enroll for the full session, which includes 34 lessons, as well as the music, books, instruments and more for each unit, so the fun and learning can continue throughout your time during the week.  For two children, including a sibling kit, the cost is just $105/month.   Families are welcome to enroll any time during the session.  The first payment may be different to adjust for the cost of the full set of home materials.  If you have any questions, please connect with me personally.


Will your family join us, and enhance your daily lives with music?    Will you connect with our other families and possibly develop lasting friendships.   I hope so.

Fill your Thursday evenings with magical musical moments you look forward to each week.

If you don’t live in Lakeland, FL, be aware that Kindermusik is being offered by thousands of licensed Kindermusik educators in over 70 countries around the world.  Check out the Kindermusik Locator on the main website, to see if there are classes near you.