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This is YOUR opportunity to guide the direction of Music Connections this summer.

If you live in Lakeland, or close by, please take this Summer Survey.   It has some really creative ideas for Semesters,  One-Time events, and personal Kindermusik Playdates.  

No matter where you live, please share your thoughts on what you’d like to see in this blog.  Review and comment on some of my ideas for summer postings.   Just list the numbers below that interest you, and give a few details about what you might be looking for.

Or share YOUR own unique ideas, or “I’d like to know about….”s.

  1. Unique homemade instrument that can be made with household items
  2. Ways music can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, stories and examples of music in the world around us.
  3. Everyday musical rituals that can help parents and children connect, and simply make life more fun.
  4. News bits identifying specific ways that music enhances child development
  5. Recommended music or books for my children (specify theme & age).
  6. Easy fun songs and activities to occupy my children in the car.
  7. Musical party ideas, for birthdays or just for fun.
  8. Really cool and safe links to websites where my kids can learn about music  
  9. Musical ideas to spice up the summer with my children

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……..  here, or there, or anywhere… in a chair, with a bear, ideas floating everywhere.