When young story tellers start the process to make a familiar story come alive, something magical may happen.  How does your child change when they “fill in the voice” for the squeaky 3 little pigs, or the deep HUFF and PUFF of the big bad wolf ?   Do you ever pretend to be the TROLL under the bridge at the playground, as you child trip traps back and forth pretending to be increasingly larger Billy Goats Gruff ?  Honestly, I am tearing up at the joy this type of play brought to me and my children… and those who found us and joined in our play.

Stories capture and engage even very young children, allowing them to identify with unique characters, and begin to recognize, anticipate, and recall the sequences of events.  

Around 5 – 7 years old, children become increasingly curious about unseen places the world.    

They are ready for more complex sequences as to how the story unfolds,
wondering how the conflict will resolve, and discovering the joy of arriving at just the right ending.  

They are beginning to catch onto the MORAL of the story,  and can so totally appreciate the humor of some of our best folk tales.

Once the story becomes a part of a child’s imagination, they want to share it with others as well.   They want to be a part of the story telling process, adding unique sound effects,
creating art work to illustrate the story, and perhaps even acting out the parts of specific characters.

“Tell Me A Tale” 

Our Kindermusik Adventure Camp lets your young story teller thrive… gaining FIVE new stories to tell, with delightful & unique characters from different parts of the world.     Families will see many creative ways to expand a story through creating songs, making props & puppets, and even play acting the parts.

The tales in Tell Me A Tale offer a wide variety of rich, diverse, humorous and profound folk tales from around the world.  Kindermusik has woven in and around these stories a variety of songs, rhymes, rhythmic speech, instrument play and ensemble development, creative and rhythmic movement, focused and discriminative listening, games, crafts and more.  Honestly, if you looked at my lesson plans, you’d wish you could join us.


Is your child eager to learn about different places, people, and cultures through stories? 

Does your 5 – 7 year old love to act out and embellish stories?  Perhaps they might like to add a bit of dramatic flair with songs, and presentations that include crafted props and personal art? 

If so, you will see the creativity in your child burst at the seams through story-telling, music-making, and artistic creation during each of these FIVE  2-1/2 hour adventures.  Max=8 students.

FIVE  dates feature one story per camp.  


1:   Bremen Town Musicians: Germany

2:  The Mouse Deer and the Crocodile: Malaysia

3:  The Six Blind Men and the Elephant:  India

4:  Lazy Jack:  Early American Mountain folks

5:  Where Stories Come From:  Africa


During each day of our part day summer camp, your child will experience a rich arts-integrative approach to learning the art of storytelling, one that addresses different learning styles fluently through different activities.   Our voices, and a wide variety of percussion instruments, are used for sound effects, as well as developing our skills of steady beat and playing in sync with one another.

All Materials are included.


Your child will love this hard back book which includes all 5 stories, as well as the accompanying CD full of music that is integrated into these stories, and songs that embellish on the characters and themes in the story.  

Children get to take home a set of Lummi Sticks for adding sound effects to our stories. 

AND, we’ll include supplies for craft activities that will help highlight the best parts of the story, and can be used to help tell the story whenever they can find an audience !

This program has been scheduled for your family’s flexible needs !

There are FIVE different LESSONS, which can be enjoyed in any order, as each is it’s own story.

Class times are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 2:30 and 5 pm.  Students will participate independently for 2 hours, then parents and siblings can join us for Sharing Time during the last 20 min. for a presentation of the story.

You can see by the chart below that two different lessons would be offered each week, so you can choose:    

  • Once a week for 5 weeks gets each of the 5 lesson, or
  • Twice a week for a total of 5 different lessons  (two and a half weeks)
  • OR Choose a date for each lesson: A, B, C, D, E,  that works for your schedule:  


             Tues     Thurs                                                        

Wk 1:        A            B        June 18 & 20

Wk 2:       C            D        June 25 & 27

Wk 3:       E            A        July 9 & 11

Wk 4:       B            C        July 16 & 18

Wk 5:       D            E        July 23 & 25


Please connect with us if you have questions, or would like help with your schedule.   

Email:  connect@musiconnx.com or call 863-606-8735


Home Materials:  Tell Me A Tale Book, CD, lummi sticks, craft supplies

Cost:  $130 for 5 classes and set of Home Materials  ($65/month June/July)

Add $60 for same age range sibling, includes instrument and craft materials


Century after century and all around the world, children have climbed into the laps of caring and sharing adults to hear and tell their favorite tales again and again.  Our children are so proud when they are mature enough to share these stories with others, especially grandparents and young children.  These traditional cultural stories, and the art of storytelling are both worth keeping alive in the hearts and minds of our children.

Do you have a younger child who is eager for some of their own summer adventures with friends?  Click on one of the buttons below.

Peek-a-Boo, I Love You !   

– with…  BABIES

You and your baby will thrill with the hide and seek games and songs, as well as many other favorite baby games from cultures around the world.  Two different age groups are available:   

  • Infants up to active walking
  • Active Explorers up to 22-24 months


– with 2 – 3 year olds, and with full FAMILIES

You will ALL get thoroughly engaged in our imaginative and interactive beach adventures, whether you have one child 2 – 3 years old, or a family with a variety of ages 1 – 4 years old.  From building castles in the sand, to dancing like octupus, you will have new ways to interact with each other playfully, and songs to keep your head and hearts filled with sunshine.


– with independent PRE-SCHOOLERS

If your 3 – 5 year old is ready (or even almost ready) to participate independently with their peers, then it is time to “pack our bags” and head out for some imaginative road trips.  Each lesson has us enjoying songs, games, and pretend play at new and delightful destinations, like camping, beach days, a county fair, and more.  Your family road trips will forever be enhanced, and your long summer days may be filled with creative “stay-cation” adventures.


We have summer adventures for all ages from infancy through 7 years old.  You are sure to find the perfect summer adventure for you and your child through music with us, and an intimate group of families with children the same age.


Try before you Buy

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