Like the little drummer boy, your child seeks to offer they best they have from within, with the simple precious wrapping of the child themselves.   Some children may have the joyful gift of a song.  Most all children love to tell stories.  The reciever of the gift only needs to take some time to listen, and appreciate the gift through their full attention and presence.

Some children may love to make people laugh.  For these children, we offer 2 musical jokes that will be easy for your child to remember and share with family and friends.

This joyful celebration of a child who was born with a special gift for all mankind, wrapped only in the love of God, is an excellent time for each of us to recognize  the precious gifts that each of us are to each other, and all the gifts that reside in each of us that we have to share.

Merry Christmas!

May your family bask in joy and laughter in the company of each other this Christmas.

In the comments below, Please share the inner gift that your child likes to share, or maybe some additional jokes to share with other families.