Children LOVE to ROAR !   Exploring the world of wild animals is fascinating to children of all ages.  A trip to the zoo or an animal park to see the live animals takes families into a whole new world they don’t see everyday.  But the fun and magic of this experience can come alive everyday for you and your family with the songs and activities from the Kindermusik Summer Adventure, ZOO TRAIN.   2014 will be the summer to explore your Wild Side !

This summer, there are two options for a Style of class format that will meet your family’s needs and interests.

The Family Style class is for a wide age range of children, 1 – 5 years old, for families to attend each 45 minute class together.    This is the perfect place for children of various ages to learn to interact and play with their siblings and other children in age appropriate, and creative ways.

The Independent Preschooler Style is for children, 3-5 years old, who would enjoy interacting with their peers, without a parent, for about 30 minutes, then parents and siblings join for the last 15 min.

What excitement there is to see the many animals, hear their sounds, ride the train or tram around the park, and more.  ZOO TRAIN! was written to capture these delightful experiences at the zoo, drawing on the movements, sights, and sounds of the zoo animals to inspire musical experiences and the beginnings of imaginary play.    In our 2014 summer camps, there are six different concept themes, developed in the context of the animals you will meet that day.  The lessons are designed to offer just the right balance of structure and spontaneity, of group play and individual exploration and to offer the stability and gentle guidance needed to nurture creativity in the very young.  There is some overlap of these themes between each class, but this is the general overview:

1:  All Aboard  – Get acquainted with the zoo and songs about ALL of the animals !

2:  Having So Much Fun:   Lion, Monkey & Elephant

3:  Having So Much Fun 2:  Giraffes, Zebras, & Parrots

4:  Hopping Up and Down:  Kangaroo, Monkeys & Seals

5:  Dancing All Around:  Polar Bears, Seals & Penguins

6:  Come Back Another Day:  Petting Zoo, Pony rides, Animal Review


Flexible Scheduling Options:

There are 12 classes total scheduled for each of these different styles of classes, with two concept themes per week, so families can attend twice a week for 3 weeks, or once a week for 6 weeks, or ALL of them.

Home Materials:  Zoo Train Book, Zoo Train CD, animal shaped shaker, craft supplies

Optional:  Digital Home Materials:  Access to more music, a new online story, video field trips, games and more.


For the details on Schedule, Cost, and Flexible Enrollment Options  please see page for

Summer 2014 Kindermusik Adventures.

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